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History of Ayurveda

Ayurveda hospitals in Kerala are so popular even beyond the seas. Ayurveda is one of the oldest healthcare systems in the world from India. The genealogy of the Ayurveda can be depicted back from the north part of India, about more than 5000 years ago ( 3300–3000 BC ). Consequently, it is inherent to sense a curiosity to know the history of Ayurveda.



History of Ayurveda



By virtue of Hindu mythological belief, God Dhanvantari is the father of Ayurveda, who is one of the 24 avatars of Lord Mahavishnu. He is generally considered as a human manifestation of Vishnu, furthermore the God of medicines.




The Arrival of Ayurvedic Treatment in Kerala



The popular and widespread myth is that it was Parashurama who introduced Ayurveda treatment to Kerala. Historically, Ayurveda treatment in Kerala is inextricably associated with the arrival of Buddhist traditions into Kerala.


The indigenous Keralites had their therapeutic cultures and practices. Even before the advent of Buddhist traditions. Buddhists facilitated to consolidate local treatment cultures and their practices. They gave a new face and look to local healing systems. In effect, it received significant and considerable acceptance.


Ayurveda treatment is still a mainstream health care system in many countries. Even after 5000 years of contributions and developments. Primarily because of the process of institutionalizing and professionally transferring knowledge from generation to generation through systematic school practices.



Attitude Towards Ayurveda Hospitals in Kerala


However, the non-Keralites still don't know much about such matters. Some of them still believe that Ayurveda is some sort of rejuvenating massages or oil treatments. This is the popular perception of non-Keralites about the Ayurveda treatment in Kerala.


People often ponder of Ayurveda as a tourism product, perhaps because of the popularity of Kerala as a sightseeing or tourism destination. In fact, it is not the truth.

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